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Also known as MRHavisham.

Bookworm Reviews

Also known as MRHavisham.

The Beast Within: A Tale of Beauty's Prince 


Theme: The consequences of being cruel, vain, and selfish.

Trigger warning: murders, blood, emotional, and physical abuse.

''He had always seen well in the dark, but since he’d been in seclusion for so long, his eyes were even keener in darkness than before. He did feel quite beastly, actually, like a creature prowling in the forest.''

Cover Art by Jeffrey Thomas


In this tale as old as time, Serena Valentino is back with a new interesting character to explore: Prince Adam, known as the ''Beast''. Some people don't think of him as a villain. Not gonna lie, the main villain of the movie is the hunter Gaston. But let's not diminish the Prince's cruel behavior towards the old woman turning out to be an enchantress. Nor his decision to keep a man locked in his dungeon forever because he stole a simple rose without having any knowledge behind its importance.

We know about the terms of the curse but it's all mentioned through short conversations and the opening that doesn't grant us the opportunity to witness a scene between the two of them. However, Serena expands the ''behind-the-scene of this enchantment and even gives background and name to the enchantress ( you might be interested in knowing she has some ties with Greek mythology). Three devious characters that played a role in the villainy of Queen Grimhilde, are back to brought madness to Prince Adam: the Odd Sisters. They play a larger role in this one, having chapters from their point of view with the introduction of their cat Pflanze and their little sister.

With a heavy atmosphere that put us ill at ease, fearing the moment the Prince will finally turn into a wild animal, we're teleported in a castle with a cloud of doom floating up its head. The writing style mixes the architecture of the places with the effects of the curse, Adam's desire to hunt, seduce and live luxury, and the shallow actions he commits to remain a ''true man''. Readers will be charmed by the retranscription of the animated 's scenes( some of them being from Belle's POV), new characters( Pflanze, Nanny, Tulip), the references to Jean Cocteau's masterpiece, and last but not least the highlights of shadowed areas regarding the Beast's life.


BEWARE: Spoilers!

Rating: 4 out of 5 enchanted roses.