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Also known as MRHavisham.

Bookworm Reviews

Also known as MRHavisham.

Alias Grace 


Themes: the place of women in society and the question of identity

Trigger warning: discussion of a murder


''Some call this "Eve's curse," but I think that is stupid because the real curse of Eve was having to put up with the nonsense of Adam.”

Regarded as an orphan ( her father was an alcoholic and her mother died during the travel to Canada) young Grace Marks, Ireland finds herself in quite an awkward situation when she's accused of murder.

It is along with her company that we ask ourselves the following question: Is she guilty of the crime she's accused of committed or is she simply a pawn in a conspiracy theory determined to take her down? Despite numerous theories, I ended up wrong and frankly amazed by the answer.

Atwood's writing style is still captivating and despite it being a large book, I read it in one sitting.




BEWARE: Spoilers!

* Perhaps I could have guessed the Mary= Grace thing if I had paid more attention, as all the signs were there: both servants in the same home, Mary possessing abilities that Grace envies.

Rating: 4.3 out of 5