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Also known as MRHavisham.

Bookworm Reviews

Also known as MRHavisham.

Writer Lucie Nesme's awe-inspiring story


Lucie Nesme is a young girl of nineteen years old, who after a traumatic event decided to spread the word around a subject still prohibited nowadays: sexual assaults. Her first novel, Actes Non-Consentis, is available in an e-book form on Iggybook, Amazon, Youboox, and Kobo ( look out for links at the end) since December, 16th. During a meeting transcribed below, the author opened up regarding this painful chapter of her life.


MR.Havisham: What inspired you to reveal this event both intimate and painful to the entire world ?

Lucie Nesme: I’ve decided to tell this part of my life as the subject is still unacknowledged and I’d like to pave the way for a more serious tackling of this issue. I’ve made the decision to talk about it only two weeks after the facts, because of the toxicity around it. I hope I can help others with this book.

MR.Havisham: Is Actes Non-Consentis the first book you wrote or your pet project that you absolutely wanted to submit ?

Lucie Nesme: Actually, no it appears to be my second. The first one was a novel that was on my tablet, the latter being robbed during a burglary. Therefore, I’ve never been able to publish this book. However, I remain quite thankful this one is my first published work.

MR.Havisham: Which authors and literary genres happen to be your favorites?

Lucie Nesme: I don’t have any favourite authors and I love a lot novels and biographies.

MR.Havisham: What about the writing process? Would you venture to describe it as a healing process at the same time?

Lucie Nesme: My writing process around this novel lasted one year, the first couple of chapters were coming along well but I’ve struggled a lot regarding the chapter about my molestation and sexual touching. It took me several months to write it as I had to remember it which was extremely hard. I do believe this book helped me overcome my trauma. But what I consider to be the icing on the cake is to see the support of all those people with the release of my book.

MR.Havisham: About publishing now, how did-you discovered IggyBook and did you seek an editor or asked for ARC readers?

Lucie Nesme: I’ve made several research online and Iggybook seemed to be the most fitting website as well as the one that suited me the best. I didn’t ask for editors or ARC readers yet. I do hope publishers will appreciate the concept of this book and it will be circulated widely.

MR.Havisham: Would you like to join an association that renders assistance and support to women who suffer from those outbreaks of violence?

Lucie Nesme: Right now, it’s not something I’ve planned but in the near future, if I can find one nearby, I will surely join it as it is a cause close to my heart.

MR.Havisham: What do you hope people will retain from this memoir with autobiographic aspects, written by a survivor?

Lucie Nesme: I would love for people to understand you can get away from this subversive cycle. We have to open ourselves more about it, as the more we are to talk about it, the more chances assaulters will be judged. One testimony opens the door for ten, as an example.

MR.Havisham: What are you currently working on?

Lucie Nesme: I don’t have any current projects for now, but I count on writing again very soon.


A review of Actes Non Consentis will be available on our website in the Memoirs section very soon! We appreciate Lucie Nesme for her bravery and look forward to seeing what’s in store for her in the near future in both her private and professional life.

Actes-Non Consentis is available ( in French of course) on the websites listed below: