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Also known as MRHavisham.

Bookworm Reviews

Also known as MRHavisham.

Nightmares and Fairy Tales

Comics based on grizzly fairy tales and original stories featuring a cursed doll, Anabelle trying to protect the women she found herself given to, from the horrors in their lives and world.

Once Upon A Time

Trigger Warning: physical abuse, emotional abuse, murders, blood

Through this first volume, we found ourseleves immersed in a disturbing world which is unfortunately way too real with hitting home society problems: corrupted religion as well as abusive families and partners.

A little doll named Anabelle is cursed and destined to bring unfortunate events to women of all ages: from sweet Morgan who starts to question her mental state, her girlfriend Dominique who's haunting past led her to become a monster, famous princesses Snow White and Cinderella tormented by their stepmothers as well as the young Gwen, dealing with the monsters in her life.

The art is bloody, evocative, and hauntingly beautiful. Valentino and Foo Sweet Chin collaborated to create a unique, spooky material where the psychological issues tackled are way more frightening than the murders that occur. 


BEWARE: Spoilers!

* Were the nuns actually feeding those babies to the vampires because their mothers had them out of wed or for a sinister purpose?


Beautiful Beasts

Trigger Warning: physical abuse, gaslighting, allusion to rape, murders, abusive parents

1140 Rue Royale

Trigger Warning: blood, torture scenes, racism, murders, attempted suicide.

Victoria moves into a sadly famous house in New Orleans, which once belonged to socialite and serial killer Marie Delphine LaLaurie. Along with her, is her niece Rebecca and both of them find themselves tangled in the location's haunting past. While Rebecca is possessed by the ghosts, who were nonother than the slaves murdered by Madame LaLaurie, Victoria's nights and naps are filled with nightmares: scenes that occurred in the house once, and images of disfigured people among others.

Through their several attempts to understand the meaning of their situation, both women decide to take different approaches to resolve this conflict: Victoria wants a priest to perform an exorcism on the house while Rebecca is determined to help them find peace.

Illustrated by Crab Scrambley, the art reminds us of Tim Burton and presents exaggerated or odd features, for Victoria and Rebecca, taking a Victorian and Gothic approach combined to the mysteriousness of New Orleans. Serena Valentino deals with historical events and instead of focusing solely on Delphine LaLaurie, offers a voice to her victims, offering them revenge and therefore peace. Disturbing due to racism and the violence that it occurs, this is a necessary book that explores one of the darkest times of our world and allows a cathartic feeling once you've finished it, showing that no misdeeds go unpunished, no matter how long it takes to get a comeuppance.

BEWARE: Spoilers!

* Though the reason why the nuns are feeding babies to the vampires remains unknown, it was nice to get more backstory on them. Perhaps the fact they haven't aged is the reason why they kept those creatures in the attic, having made a pact with them. Innocence for youth.

* Though there was a lot of foreshadowing, I still liked the reveal and plot twist at the end regarding who Victoria really was.


Dancing with the Ghosts of Wales

Trigger Warning: suicide, allusion to rape