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Also known as MRHavisham.

Bookworm Reviews

Also known as MRHavisham.



''Jesus watches from the wall, But his face is cold as stone, And if he loves me As she tells me Why do I feel so all alone ?''


Themes: religion, fit in, teenagers, love

Trigger Warning: mention of rape, bullying, massacre, mental and physical abuse, animal cruelty

King's first published novel and my personal f avorite due to its ability to maje us relate to Carrie and root for her trhoughiut the whole novel. Touching, delicate and innocent, the young girl desperetaly tries to surive at school, mocked by her peers, and a home with her religious, abusive mother. Carrie doesn't know anything about sex nor periods due to her upbringing. So when she bleeds in the school's lockroom after gym, she presumes she's about to die. And instead of being supported by her classmates, they tease her endlessely. This event triggers something in Carrie...a power that she had hidden within herself for a long time and that she hadn't use since...the rain of stones when she was little.

With excerpts of a trial, snippets of magazines, newsappers and books, we are led to learn more about ''the Black Prom'' that occured in Chamberlain, Maine and the tragedy surrounding Carrie and her mother Margaret. We know something awful happened but what? America's criticism and the meta references creates an interesting plot, allowing ourselves to wonder if an event that seems so real, that hit home to some of us could happen one day... if telekinesis powers were replaced by guns.


The story follows many testimonies and POVS, that allows us to learn more about each character of to offer different perspectives on our main character. From classmates, to random citizens to the school's staff, everyone has a say on the night senior prom ended in a gruesome way...and the reason why it occured might be more shocking for people than the actual event.


BEWARE! Spoilers:

* There were some minor plot holes. We learn about Carrie's young neighbour who left town when Carrie was a young girl, yet it's mentionned afterwards that she attended prom ?

* Margaret's trauma wasn't explored enough, it's mentionned her husband and the rape greatly affected her, as well as her father's death but it seems she was always extremely religious from the beginning.

*Chris was an interesting character. She is vicious, and relentless but she seems to have limits. She doesn't want Carrie to be killed and Billy seem to be the most extreme of the two.


Rating system: 4 out of 5 dirty pillows